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Hadoop is an open-source framework that enables to store and processing big data in a assigned environment all-over collection of computers by using the simple programming models. It is created to scale up from single server to thousands of machines, each offering the local calculation and storage.

What is Big Data?
Big data means a collection of large datasets that can not be processed using the traditional computing techniques. Big data is not purely a data, rather it will become a complete subject, which includes various tools and techniques, frameworks etc. Big data includes the data produced by various devices and applications.

• Black Box Data : It is a element of helicopter, aeroplane, and jets etc. It takes or captures voices of the flight corps, recordings of the microphones and earphones and the information about performance of the aircraft.

• Stock Exchange Data : It holds the information about the ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ decisions made on various companies, and which are made by the customers.

• Power Grid Data :The power grid data holds the information exhausted by a particular node with regard to a base station.

• Transport Data :Transport data has model, distance, availability and capacity of a vehicle.

• Search Engine Data : The Search engines receive lots of data from various databases.

Benefits of Big Data
Follow are the some of benefits of Big Data:
• Using the information, the social network like Facebook, twitter and Google etc, the marketing departments are learning about the feedback for their promotions, campaigns and other advertising mediums.
• Using the information, the social media desires and product approach of their customers or consumers, product companies or retail organizations both are planning about their production.
• Using the data, regarding the past medical history of patients, the hospitals are providing better and fast services.