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Java Language
Java is a object oriented programming programming language to develop applications .Java files are stored into the files suffix with .java . The java files are compiled and it can be converted into Java byte code using the Java compiler.The byte code is then executed using the Java Virtual Machine. The Java compiler and the Java Virtual Machine are part of the JDK available in java software

Java Byte-code
Java programs written in the Java language using Edit plus or Net beans and they are compiled and converted into Java byte-code, executed by the Java Virtual Machine(JVM).

Java Virtual Machine
Java is an interpreted language. Well, the Java language is compiled into Java byte code. This Java byte code is then accomplished the Java Virtual Machine (VM).

Java APIs
The Java Virtual Machine is implemented for several different operating systems, There types of Windows, Mac operating systems Linux, IBM mainframes, Solaris. Thus, if your Java program Java Virtual Machine on Windows operating system, it can normally also run on a Java Virtual Machine on Mac OS or Linux. Sometimes a operating system that make your applications behave diffidently but most of the time they operate very much a like. Write once, run anywhere. The Java language into Application Programming Interfaces Java applications. Java comes bundled with a lot such components. These components as the standard Java Application Programming Interfaces . The particular Application programming interfaces enable to your Java programs to access the local file system, the network and many other things. The standard Java Application programming available in to all Java applications. The accepted Java Application programming interfaces come to the bundled with the Java The standard Java APIs are available to all Java applications. The standard Java APIs come bundled with the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or with the Java SDK which also includes a JRE.

Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
It is nothing but the Java Virtual Machine and the standard Java APIs coming with Java Standard Edition. The Java Run Time includes enough to execute a Java app, but not compile

Java Software Development Kit (Java SDK)
It means the JavaRun-time + Java compiler, and a set of other tools.

Java Code Conventions
The Java Code Conventions are a set of delegations for how to develop our Java code, and how to define classes, variables and files also.

Java Standard Edition (JSE)
Java has contained into three different sets of APIs
1. JSE for desktop and standalone server applications.
2. JEE for developing and executing Java components that run in a Java server.
3. JME for developing and executing Java applications on mobile phones.