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Mobile Application

Mobile application development is the future of our generation. Just as the personal computer change the business, where as smart phones and tablets will forever change the business landscape. The first step in creating mobile applications for any business is a basic understanding. Mobile applications come in two formats: Native applications and mobile web applications. Both are looking similar but different in work.
There are 4 main smartphone platforms:
IOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry OS
Additionally, there are 4 main tablet platforms:
IOS, Android, BlackberryOS, Windows 8

Native applications
A native mobile application is nothing but a piece of software for smart phones and tablets. These are built individually for each mobile platform. The built application later is installed on the device itself. If we want native apps to work across all mobile application platforms, we must build separate versions for each platform.

Developer(s): We have a developer who is familiar with the mobile platform or application programming language. Different mobile platforms use different programming languages. The programming languages required to create native apps for the most popular mobile operating systems. Android requires Java, Blackberry requires Java, IOS requires Objective-C and Windows Phone 7 requires C#•

Team: We need a team together to develop the native apps. Whenever a mobile platform releases a new update, we have to update our application with respect to the updated OS. Each platform releases a new update in different time intervals.

Web applications
A mobile web application is a web application developed for a Smart phone or a tablet and can be accessed through the device’s web browser only. They are platform independent so we can access them from anywhere. The main difference between the native apps and web apps is Native applications are installed directly with in the device where as web apps are installed in central location and can be accessed by device through a web browser.

Web designer: We need a web designer who is familiar with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Web developer: To develop web applications to include business logic and to connect database we will need a web developer. As native apps, we are not limited to one development language. We can build mobile applications in whatever language we want like Java, PHP and Python etc…